Thursday, July 20, 2006

Dreams Of Glass...

Through the winds of time
Across the blue sky infinite
Showered by sorrows of the night
Revived with every morning sunlight

Standing alone today I am...Thinking
I wish I could be the face
In your dreams of glass

Through the feather soft jiffies
Across the lovely green meadow
Kissed by the gushing winds
Pampered by the silvery clouds

Abandoned today I am...Thinking
I wish I could be the face
In your dreams of glass

Through the abandoned streets behind
Across the timely memoirs entwined
Cherish the life which I have got
Love jumping with my dreams above

Realized today what I am...Thinking

I wish I could be the face
In your dreams of glass......

Monday, July 17, 2006

*_* Let's Make Love +_+

Make love to me tonight
Till the wee hours of morning light
Cling to me in ecstacy
Be my sweet memory...

Memories are magical treasures
A secrect never to be told
Charming you all through your life
A special place they hold

Hold me close to your heart
For then I can enter your soul
Hold me tight, Never let me go
Never felt so strong love before

Love me tender, Love me soft
Love me in the heat of the night
Show me the mysteries, Show me the scars
Shower all the affection you have got

Let me see your passion, my plight
Honey` Let's make love...

Let me enchant thy soul with memories
Whisper into each others ears
Welcome the Dawn of love
Live the way our souls want us to be
So Let's make love...

--* dedicated to an imaginary boyfrnd *--

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

'Faisal' Chalisa

A combined effort of two people
A desired result they got

The child grows to be 'Faisal'

With brain he recently lost

Emergence from the works of Darwin

Wittiness inspired by Newton

Allows survival in his alien community

Makes leg-slipping pull of gravity

Nuttier than a fruit-cake

A little funnier, A little crack

Cool like a rain shower n
Cute like a fresh flower

Shiny eyes broad shoulder

Heluva smile holder

More like an ice-cream treat

A man no one can ever beat

Head filled with american crap

Me waits for his daily scrap

Amazingly replies back

Oh! He is every Jill's Jack...

-- Dedicated to an amazing friend 'FAISAL' --

Monday, April 17, 2006

SHE....My Sister...A Beauty

She…my sister…a beauty
With an undefined vivacity
She…my sister…a perfectionist
Her imperfections make her so

Shines like the sun on snowy pine trees
And dances on the flowers like a bee
As delicate as the petals of a daisy
As free as the eagle soaring above the blue sea

Hair soft as silk that ease the pain
Mysterious eyes calm as the ocean
Cute dimpled smile which slays millions
She is my cherub, in her arms I rely

She…my sister, her twinkling spirit I require
Like a precious gem, a poor girl's desire

*~* Dedicated to my ANGEL - my stunning Sister

Sunday, April 09, 2006

For MOID, On His B'day

Happy B'day to a wonderful friend
I wonder what to gift you today
A special day with bright sunlight
Packed with happiness coming your way

A present that's meaningful and kind
Filled with love and lots of smiles
A small something with no cost
Coming straight from the heart

You have made me laugh & smile
Rejoice in your own specialness awhile
I wish you a Wow! life ahead
With people who get 'You' as a friend
He who fills the unfillable void
No one but 'MOID'

~~* A Gift to 'MOID' on his birthday *~~

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

My Devilish Angel * ^ *

I dont have strings to bind your hands
Not if my love can't bind your heart
I can't force you to be with me all my life
When you can't keep me in your heart

There is no need to justify the stand
For it was you who chose to start
I see no way for 'we' together
For I am old enough to face the dawn

I call you my devilish angel
You snatch sunrise from lives
I call you my devilish angel
The traumas you gave won't survive

The dimmed sunlight, the lost aura
With each morning your sin echoes
The hurt will remain always raw
With only the dusk it goes

You are out of my life
That's where you ought to be
God will be kind enough
To return back what you did

I call you my devilish angel
The victim of crude lust
I call you my devilish angel
You have lost my trust.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Can Money Buy???

Can money buy ???

Majestic mountain and reddish skinful sky
Air full of love without any sighs
Crystal clear water near the stately trees
Feller with no needs
Sunny day with a gentle breeze
Forehead without a crease

Money wont buy anything
The best thing which is totally free
Is the bond of love you share with me.

I Appreciate HIM

I appreciate him for
Making my life hell
Playing dirty with emotions
Creating the negativeness
And breaking promises

I appreciate him for
Flirting with my feelings
Destroying the bubbliness
Creating an everlasting wound
And saying cruel words

Still he says I dont appreciate HIM
How can I explain him that I do!

Friday, February 24, 2006

You came to leave me !

I struggle to burn my desires today
And try to throw emotions out of my soul
Expecting to live life in a blistering way
And to realize your plays are foul
I know you came to leave me
Only to leave me alone…

I walk through the streets
With eyes full of pain
The chirpy & bubbly image
Is why so plain?
I know you came to leave me
Only to leave me alone…

I wish to run n run far away
Away from this ruthless world
Trust is just another word
A word you cannot ever trust
I know you came to leave me
Only to leave me alone…

Sunday, February 12, 2006

*_* wiLL hE eVEr ?

Deeper is the hole of night
casting aside the sunlight

Why the days seem so real & bright
When filled with dreary dreams of night

I woke up today morning and felt death so close once more
What can I do to heal this devastating heart sore

No one to care, No one to smile
I wonder why its me everytime

Will he ever?
Will he ever try to shun the darkness around me?

Will he ever?
Will he ever try to LOVE me?

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Blink of an eye

Blurry but clear Wonderful yet dreary
Dreams exist in an odd sort of way

With words spoken the hearts broken
Fantasies never come true

Erasing worries Freeing the mind
Enjoying a world not of my kind

Magical and Amazing Lands vast as Sky
Yet all disappears with the blink of an eye.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Let's make Love

Make love to me tonight
Till the wee hours of morning light
Cling to me in ecstacy
Be my sweet memory...

!--* YOU & ME *--!

To every life there's
Always an end
When I close my eyes
I see your smiling face

I still believe I'll see you again
With the shinning light
I wait for the day when
In my arms I'll hold you tight

Writing down my thoughts about you
Is the only thing I can do
Waiting for the days to come
When forever I'll be with you

Thinking of you day and night
Makes me cheery and bright
You voice keeps ringing in my head
It seems so perfect and right

The love for you will never end
You’ll be a part in me
As long as time passes by
For it's about YOU and ME...

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Can I dance with you today?

Can I dance with you today?
A dance of the sorrows of the world
A dance so fine to let me design the signs
The signs of love…

Can I dance with you today?
A dance of the heart breaks
A dance so right to let me decide the worth
The worth of tears…

Can I dance with you today?
A dance of the life
A dance so intense to let me know the hurt
The hurt of goodbye…
-- 'Somebody' 2 'Someone' --

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Silence Within ME...

Bounded my soul is,
with hurt my heart endures
Loaded my heart is
with sorrows of the past
Cheated i am
with words which do last
Frustrated i am
as for what am I living here
Rusted my hopes are
with long days and starry nights
Crushed my world is
by people running here
Dreams I had
now scattered everywhere


A little breath
My silent side
Part-crushed hopes
doubling the sighs
Past is present
Though present denies
Lost & wandered dreams
Found no one to collide
This is me THE ONLY KIND

Where Am I?

Long walks on sea shores
Collecting shells,
Building castles on golden sand
Gazing at the stars at night
Seeing the early sun rise
Or just enjoying the full moonlight.
Where are the mermaids?
Hunting them by the side
Weaving thin dreams of beautiful time
I wish all this could be forever mine
Memories are my magical treasures,
They come and go by
Leaving me wondering today where am I?

The Beautiful ME & The Goodbye

Time will come one day
You be here in the same way
Like I think of it now today
Making your sketch of a goodbye

In the dusk, near the high trees
Two people sit thinking of new dreams
Old dreams they wished to be true
But all of 'em flew
With melancholy they look into each other's eyes
Huh! searching for the buried Love inside
A place where it died...

The turning road where they met
The place where they smiled for the first time
The locked eyes saying all
until now, looking for lost places of love

Why... Now... You...Your eyes...
The glance...If only we could...
Why the goodbye....Why the goodbye

Why... Now... Me... The sighs...
So suddenly... A broken heart... A shattered dream...
Gets lost somewhere ....If only we could
Why the goodbye....Why the goodbye

Time has come and the day
You are here like I guessedIn the same way
Filling the gaps in the sketched goobye
Giving it a complete life today...

Here I am on the other side of the street,
Why... Now...You... The last handshake
Your leaving fingers... I'm going far away...
Just tell me why the goodbye....why the goodbye

And though I am alone again,
I shed not a tear.
How beautiful is my loneliness,
how great is my pain...
Me the beautiful alone...Me the alone again....

dO NoT lOVe mE yEt !

Do not love me yet,
for I Am still a slender moon,
A scimitar about the heart
Too sharp to touch too soon.
Before I'm touched I need to grow
More full in golden light
I need to smile upon my earth
And rule some patch of night.

I need to know what roads and fields
Lie in my domain
And dull my brand new ecstasies
With sophomoric pain.

I need the love of some blank boy
As cold and dark as me,
That we might grope in ignorance
And fear of what might be.

And then when I'm a silver bowl
And know what I can hold,
Then, then, perhaps, we could try love
If you are not too old.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

When Can I?

When can I feel soft like a red rose bud?
When can I see like a newborn child?
When can I smile fully without any sighs?
When can I laugh without feeling despair?
When can I breathe deeply in my free air?
When can I fly free like a white flage?
When can I draw dimensions regardless my age?
When can I paint colors to my world?
When can I hear sounds of life?
When can I glow in the full golden light?
When can I draw back the curtain that surrounds each other's lives?
And when, when can I love someone without any bounds?

**! SUciDe nOTe !**

Sitting here with unsettling emptiness
Penning down a suicide not
How far I ve reached in life
my fate has been cast in stone

Its easy to be a weak-willed
how difficult to be a little strong
Never wanted the emotions to flow in
how always they have been so wrong

What drives us to cut,to cut the life of LIFE
Am Overpowered by the statements people describe
No wonder did I find myself doing anything right
Aint no wonder it is, Who taught me all this...

You,the one who made me cry
You,the one who made me die unnatural deaths
Time and again...Time and again
What else could I have done...

So here I am penning the last lines
Holding you responsible for destroying my life
I wish I wish you go through all this
The heartache, the damped joys, the knife slits

I wish I wish you too write a better suicide note
Hold me responsible and give me a thanks vote
You made me your slave
I wish I wish people wont throw roses on your grave...

Let the grave be dark and deep
Put a slab from head to feet
Write on the stone above
Here lies the one who make others dead!

Waves Of Slumber

I am a girl of endless and battered sleep
of nightmares and dreary dreams
with hours of agony the tears last
of eyes full with flickering dark
Huh! I am only a fading star

enshadowed by repose,
scared of being disposed
mauled by the endless stream of words
staggled in the heavy crowd
with incarceration the defiance crept

I am just sleepless,tired,languished wretch,
drifting down the Waves of Slumber...