Wednesday, January 25, 2006

**! SUciDe nOTe !**

Sitting here with unsettling emptiness
Penning down a suicide not
How far I ve reached in life
my fate has been cast in stone

Its easy to be a weak-willed
how difficult to be a little strong
Never wanted the emotions to flow in
how always they have been so wrong

What drives us to cut,to cut the life of LIFE
Am Overpowered by the statements people describe
No wonder did I find myself doing anything right
Aint no wonder it is, Who taught me all this...

You,the one who made me cry
You,the one who made me die unnatural deaths
Time and again...Time and again
What else could I have done...

So here I am penning the last lines
Holding you responsible for destroying my life
I wish I wish you go through all this
The heartache, the damped joys, the knife slits

I wish I wish you too write a better suicide note
Hold me responsible and give me a thanks vote
You made me your slave
I wish I wish people wont throw roses on your grave...

Let the grave be dark and deep
Put a slab from head to feet
Write on the stone above
Here lies the one who make others dead!

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