Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Waves Of Slumber

I am a girl of endless and battered sleep
of nightmares and dreary dreams
with hours of agony the tears last
of eyes full with flickering dark
Huh! I am only a fading star

enshadowed by repose,
scared of being disposed
mauled by the endless stream of words
staggled in the heavy crowd
with incarceration the defiance crept

I am just sleepless,tired,languished wretch,
drifting down the Waves of Slumber...


Fayth Allure said...

thats truly beautiful, thank you for sharing.

cochise said...


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The Coelholist said...

The star that shine
The moon that smiles
Embrace my turbulent emotions
That is when i realise the power of love
No Insomnia, No nightmares and no turmoils come in ur embrace
The flickering darkness engulf my eyes
Slumber take me beyond reality
And I languish in my wildest dreams

dimpy said...

hey dimpy dis side
your poetry... it is wonderful, marvellous.... Things that come from heart are the best.