Friday, September 04, 2009

Oh! September Rain...

Scorching summer heat ends
Rain finally begins to fall
Filling the earth drop by drop
With moment of joys and charms

When the war of clouds begin
Thunderstorm strikes again
Birds rushing into the trees
Butterflies hide beneath the leaves

Winds from the flowery gardens
Fills me up with fragrance
What a magic of the rain
It washes the fear and stain

In this rain, soiled to the core
These pleasures I devour
Soothing sounds come in chain
Oh! September rain, Do come again!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

When he said it...

Two strangers on a long road
Where a friendship galored
Never knew love would find me someday
With you who headed my way

"Desperately in love" is a big game
Though I didn't feel the same
My thoughts dragged me to reality
I wonder what is in my destiny

You caught me off guard
And took me by surprise
Simply captivating
Is the look in your eyes

The words you said
Had a strange effect on me
Someone pictured us together
It tickled me like a feather

Can't find myself when you leave
With conversations so brief
As I sit here and wish to tell
Are we meant to be?

How I wish to question and wonder
And be shaken by a thunder
On the wings of an eagle the love flies
Soaring high above the skies