Sunday, February 12, 2006

*_* wiLL hE eVEr ?

Deeper is the hole of night
casting aside the sunlight

Why the days seem so real & bright
When filled with dreary dreams of night

I woke up today morning and felt death so close once more
What can I do to heal this devastating heart sore

No one to care, No one to smile
I wonder why its me everytime

Will he ever?
Will he ever try to shun the darkness around me?

Will he ever?
Will he ever try to LOVE me?


ubernerd said...

Dude, there you go being negative again ...

Yes he will, he will

Kamal said...

I liked this poem cause it is human and vunerable. Caught in the eternal quest of hope, well written. Infact all your poems were good, it was a pleasure browsing through them