Wednesday, April 05, 2006

My Devilish Angel * ^ *

I dont have strings to bind your hands
Not if my love can't bind your heart
I can't force you to be with me all my life
When you can't keep me in your heart

There is no need to justify the stand
For it was you who chose to start
I see no way for 'we' together
For I am old enough to face the dawn

I call you my devilish angel
You snatch sunrise from lives
I call you my devilish angel
The traumas you gave won't survive

The dimmed sunlight, the lost aura
With each morning your sin echoes
The hurt will remain always raw
With only the dusk it goes

You are out of my life
That's where you ought to be
God will be kind enough
To return back what you did

I call you my devilish angel
The victim of crude lust
I call you my devilish angel
You have lost my trust.


Punita said...

Regarding your poetry... it is wonderful, marvellous.... Things that come from heart are the best.
But I hope you have stopped thinking about your devilish angel... If you havnt then you better do it..

Anonymous said...

Personification of one's innermost feelings is really hard to realize and when that happens, it's nothing short of pure joy!! Great work....really imparts the passion and soulful energy of the author to the minds of the reader...