Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Back to dreams

I just want to be a love song, half way sung
be a knot that comes undone
Dressed up the darkest night
my life book is light 
like the flight of a stringless kite

I just want to meet my mirage man
whose vision I can feel like the air in 
the palm of my hand

I just want to catch the day's sunset
feel the rain and not get wet
fall from a mountain and feel death so close

I just want to be in mud 
roll, wrestle, jump and play
Feel like a lotus in that muddy place
Isnt this beautiful, what do ya say?

I just want to be butterfly with a trick of time
feel so beautiful inside, before my eyes
fly, fly away before anyone arrives
take away the memories in me 
Or I'll get cocooned in misery 

I just want to go black...go black...
before someone wakes me up to the reality light
I just want to go black...go black...
Once I go black, I go back to dreams

Saturday, September 29, 2012

What is beautiful?

What is beautiful?
Almond blossom flowers or 
Twinkling little stars.

Green leaves of shade or 
Dim yellow glades.

Cheerful birds that sing or 
Small ferns that spring.

Soft twifs of grass blossom sprinkled across or 
Wild clusters of weeds clumps evolving from seeds.

Clear pellucid streams or 
Warm illuminating beams.

A serenade beneath a lover's window or
Holding hands roaming in greeny medows

Tiny drops of dew or 
the one you love beside you

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

He and She: We

   With each passing day the future looks a little bit darker,
   Still, memories of past however bad still shines brighter

    Often I remember those I have known,
    With each passing day their memories overgrow
    With the thoughts and troubles of my own,
    Nothing stays but the name alone

   And as I looked back through the window in my wall,
   There sits something I could have left behind 
   it looked pretty calm in this moonlit,
   should've or would've remains a question of time

    And when you leave something behind,
    Will it be there is the test of time
    The window you looked from is waiting again,
    Once the moonlight is now a bright sunny day !!!

Friday, June 29, 2012

The Abyss Within

Days move ahead without a trail
Trusting soul is fooled again
No one cares for the broken wing
All play games, but who shall win?

Street fills with losers
Solitude fills the place
From the stool of the bar
To the hill afar

I wonder all the days I need
To see the things as they seem
New day grabs the skyline
But unknown truth stays hidden

I want to surrender to you
You behold the coast where I want to go
Is that a delight or
Dismissal of setting sun?
All is written for the ones who came
When we find, we all are the same
To find the abyss within!