Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Back to dreams

I just want to be a love song, half way sung
be a knot that comes undone
Dressed up the darkest night
my life book is light 
like the flight of a stringless kite

I just want to meet my mirage man
whose vision I can feel like the air in 
the palm of my hand

I just want to catch the day's sunset
feel the rain and not get wet
fall from a mountain and feel death so close

I just want to be in mud 
roll, wrestle, jump and play
Feel like a lotus in that muddy place
Isnt this beautiful, what do ya say?

I just want to be butterfly with a trick of time
feel so beautiful inside, before my eyes
fly, fly away before anyone arrives
take away the memories in me 
Or I'll get cocooned in misery 

I just want to go black...go black...
before someone wakes me up to the reality light
I just want to go black...go black...
Once I go black, I go back to dreams