Saturday, December 15, 2007

CoLorS of a dream...

Bits of starry night are placed
in the images of her mind
They speak to her of
the colours of her dream

Black sweeps in the sadness
like the darkest night
Twinkling silver stars glow
to show the morning bright

Warmth of purple gold scarlet shine
while she rest in her dreams
She could feel the sun on her face
as yellow rays came to realm

Dusty green elephant grasses
Pierce through her reddish white skin
She runs through grey wind wanting to hold
Ah! No presence of love, dark dim and cold

Almond blossom peeked into her cheeks
As she thought about the love of her life
With royal blue the blues ran away
As she dreamt to be His wife ;-)

Heart delighted on His sight
verve no longer detained pain
Closing her deep brown eyes tight
She dreamt of colors again….