Friday, August 01, 2008

Could you .... ??

I looked upon the starlit sky as the clouds drift
      Like voyagers follow the stars as their dreams swift
I wonder if I could find a net and capture the whole sky
      Could you ever love me and not deny…?

I open my arms wide to embrace the sweet wind
      I breathe deep enough as my heart starts to sink
I gather my composure and stand on my own two feet
      Could you give me a life when memories defeat...?

I found it hard to stand while you stood on 9th cloud
      I watched you fluff when morning birds make sound
I saw myself drowning in the rain drops
      Could you help me cling to a rainbow...?

I can't change the darkness with the morning sunlight
      It looms on the heart like a murderous night
I wonder...are you gazing upon the stars with eyes in pain
      Could you help me gaze in your eyes again...?