Monday, July 17, 2006

*_* Let's Make Love +_+

Make love to me tonight
Till the wee hours of morning light
Cling to me in ecstacy
Be my sweet memory...

Memories are magical treasures
A secrect never to be told
Charming you all through your life
A special place they hold

Hold me close to your heart
For then I can enter your soul
Hold me tight, Never let me go
Never felt so strong love before

Love me tender, Love me soft
Love me in the heat of the night
Show me the mysteries, Show me the scars
Shower all the affection you have got

Let me see your passion, my plight
Honey` Let's make love...

Let me enchant thy soul with memories
Whisper into each others ears
Welcome the Dawn of love
Live the way our souls want us to be
So Let's make love...

--* dedicated to an imaginary boyfrnd *--

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