Friday, August 01, 2008

Could you .... ??

I looked upon the starlit sky as the clouds drift
      Like voyagers follow the stars as their dreams swift
I wonder if I could find a net and capture the whole sky
      Could you ever love me and not deny…?

I open my arms wide to embrace the sweet wind
      I breathe deep enough as my heart starts to sink
I gather my composure and stand on my own two feet
      Could you give me a life when memories defeat...?

I found it hard to stand while you stood on 9th cloud
      I watched you fluff when morning birds make sound
I saw myself drowning in the rain drops
      Could you help me cling to a rainbow...?

I can't change the darkness with the morning sunlight
      It looms on the heart like a murderous night
I wonder...are you gazing upon the stars with eyes in pain
      Could you help me gaze in your eyes again...?


Istafa said...

When your own wishes aren't fulfilled and dreams seem to be on fire,
A wish for someone else, a dream for a loved one, let your heart desire...

Your literary abilities appear to be too mature for someone like you. Great content though. Good work. Looking forward for more.

Mushi said...

Let the clouds wander
Let the voyagers Yearn
While I spread my LOVE all over your dreams

Let the Wind whisper
Let the earth crumble
While my love for you surpass all hurdles

Let the rain fall
Let the birds chirp
While I Hold your hand atop the Rainbow

Let the sky turn green with envy
Let the night lose its shine
While I see your ever glittering eyes

Lucas Ostrowski said...

Wow Fauzia! This is amazing stuff! Do you do your own artwork as well? It's all so beautiful - you are very gifted.

Delirious said...

I know that feeling. Beautiful expression. Kudos!